GRUB FAilure

Marty Felkler martyfelker at
Fri Aug 26 23:22:14 UTC 2011

I could not isntall GRUB to the boot partition on my second drive 
/dev/sdb2.  The only way was to install to MBR on /dev/sda.  This was 
kinda a bummer since it wiped out my TereabyteUnilimted Boot Manager 
making Windows, openSUSE and Ubuntu unbootable.  Will try to either 
install GRUB on /dev/sdb2 or at least have the GRUB boot menu allow me 
to boot other OS (like chainloader +1 for Windows for example).  From 
the FedorafForums  the developer for Fedora GRUB  posted in response to 
me that instead of "update-grub" you can use the command  
"grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg" to create grub.cfg  which I 
believe GRUB reads but probably you  have to hand edit to grub.cfg to 
make the other entries.  He provide a FAQ he's has been writing.


PS Has anybody gotten the the netisntall or DVD ISO to boot?  They just 
froze on me.  The only way I could install was bly using the Live ISO.

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