Windows XP and Fedora 16 Alpha RC5 -- won't install for dual boot

Bob Lightfoot boblfoot at
Sun Aug 28 01:03:59 UTC 2011

Dear FellowTesters:
     I tried yesterday to take one of my qemu-kvm/libvirtd vm's which 
was 30gb and loaded with XPSP3 and had 14GB free space and install 
Fedora 16 alpha rc5.  I encountered the following issues.

1.  The shrink feature would not shrink the 30GB NTFS partition and 
allow for install.  Instead it crashed for an unexpected error was 
returned and exit code is 1.  The resulting vm would not even boot windows.

2.   After installing Partition Magic 8.0 and resizing the NTFS 
partition so a 10GB free space partition existed Fedora would install 
and grub2 would boot Fedora but offered no Windows option.

3.   Running yum install os-prober as root and then grub2-mkconfig -o 
/boot/grub2/grub.cfg resulted upon reboot in a grub2 menu with a Windows 
option.  Attempts to boot windows resulted in an immediate reboot first 
to pxe and the grub2 but never to Windows XP.

4.  Examining the WindowsXP partition with rescue mode from the XP DVD 
revealed that several file sizes where now 0 rather than a correct size.

Not really sure what test to run next, but thought I should get this 
info out there.

Bob Lightfoot

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