KDE desktop slow

Mike Chambers mike at miketc.net
Sun Aug 28 16:30:41 UTC 2011

F16 installed from a composed tree just couple days ago (sync a full
tree + updates-testing locally), fully updated.  The system, as a whole,
seems slow to respond to anything I do.  If I click on the Fedora system
start menu, or navigate around it, that seems to be ok.  But when
clicking on applications they are slow to open, as in like couple
seconds or so maybe instead of instantly, like F15.

Some examples...

1 - When starting evolution (my default email client), it takes 4 seconds from hitting the icon to the window itself appearing all the way and opening.

2 - Takes bout same amount of time to start dolphin file manager.

3 - On evolution, if you click on a menu, example File menu and just go to the end and Quit, it takes second or so for the highlight to catchup, get there.  Tried same thing on dolphin and that seems more responsive.

4 - Now on evolution, if in a folder and viewing emails, if just using the preview and not opening them, if I just delete an email, seems to take bout 2 seconds to actually delete/hide/wahtedver and show the next email.

Anyway, hopefully get the idea what I am talking bout and maybe someone else is seeing same thing.  Obviously being alpha and just starting the development, expecting problems, so this isn't a *complaint*.   Just *reporting* a problem am seeing and wondering if anyone else seing it too.  Otherwise, no idea what to even think bout reporting it against as dunno what might be causing it.

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"The best town on Earth!"

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