Should I make a tracking bug in fedora for problem reported upstream?

Matej Cepl mcepl at
Sun Aug 28 22:24:59 UTC 2011

Dne 28.8.2011 16:43, Bruno Wolff III napsal(a):
> I reported this upstream, since that seems to be a better place to get
> attention for development kernel bugs, than Fedora's tracker. However,
> if this should be considered a beta blocker, then I should probably also
> make a Fedora bug entry so that it can be tracked as a blocker.

This could be the reason for making a Fedora bug, but I would probably 
if I were you (but I don't it is required) discuss this on #fedora-qa on 
Freenode. People there usually have much better opinions about blockers 
and similar stuff.


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