services and systemd in F16

Peter G. pgueckel at
Wed Aug 31 04:06:19 UTC 2011

Adam Williamson wrote:

> 'systemctl status sshd.service' will tell you about the service: it
> should say 'active (running)'. 'failed' or 'active (exited)' would be
> bad.

This is the command I have been relying on.

>> 1. systemd will automatically recognize that I need sshd.service to be
>> started and will therefore start it for me; or does it mean that
>> 2. I have to manually start sshd.service before I run sftp, sshfs, etc.
> It means 1. But this is a generic message that's essentially just
> s-c-services saying 'this is a systemd service and I don't know anything
> about it'.  Not all systemd services are actually taking advantage of
> systemd's socket activation feature yet - in fact, most of them aren't.
> I think sshd is not using this feature, and it just runs on boot like it
> did with sysv.

That answers my question. Thanks.

I am looking forward to the day when systemd becomes smart enough to know that 
it should start the required service for me.

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