[Fedora QA] #237: tests to verify that torrents and mirrors contain signed checksum files

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#237: tests to verify that torrents and mirrors contain signed checksum files
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Comment (by robatino):

 Replying to [comment:8 ausil]:
 > .torrent files are available before GA the always have been. they can be
 used to check that the CHECKSUM is signed. Do note that we do make the
 torrents as one of the last things we do in a release.

 This is correct as far as it goes, the problem is that every one of the
 times I pointed out that the .torrent file was unsigned, I was told that
 it was impossible to change it, since people were already downloading. So
 in other words, yes, it can be checked, but since it first appears in a
 public location, if there's a mistake, there's nothing that can be done
 about it, which makes the check useless.

 Now personally, I don't understand why the .torrent can't be changed after
 people start downloading. The worst thing I can see happening is that
 peers would be split between two different torrents, and seeders could
 temporarily seed both, using a hard link for the ISO to avoid wasting
 space, until the people on the obsolete torrent were finished. (Or just
 post a message telling people to load the new .torrent file in their
 client.) If the .torrent file can in fact be changed, then there is no
 great need to make sure the .torrent file is perfect the first time it's
 posted publicly. But everyone so far has been unanimous in telling me no,
 we can't do that, even when i pointed out the problem within hours.

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