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Tue Feb 1 08:39:37 UTC 2011

On 2011/02/01 02:56 (GMT-0500) "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" composed:

> I always recommend users to keep their /home partition separate and do
> fresh installs each release cycle or every other release cycle depending
> on their use case scenario.

I'm not a normal user. I'm a (KDE/Xorg) tester. /home is separate, though 
rarely used for pre-release test logins.

> My advice to you do a clean install for F15 or later..

Now I have to, as Yum can't open packages DB any more.

I don't mind doing those occasionally, painful[1] as they are. The problem is...

>>>  >   If this is an upgrade could you try with latest nightly compose from alt
>>>  >   to rule out any potential upgrade issue.

> Download the iso there for your platform burn the livecd or stuff it on
> a usb flash drive and boot from it.

...I only download installation kernels and initrds for pre-release versions, 
except on limited occasions, and only rarely does my [need,desire] for them 
coincide with finding them present on Rawhide.

> If you experience the same problem it's not and upgrade issue if you
> dont it is...

I suppose what I really need is to find out how to prevent auto-switching 
from Rawhide to release-next whenever branching has taken place.

[1] I have no interest in testing *Office*, Java* or other of a multitude of 
other bundled "Desktop" apps, and so normally install minimal, then add NFS, 
Samba and KDM/KDE/Xorg basics. I've yet to find a group/meta-package that Yum 
can use to convert from a minimal install to a minimalist KDM/KDE-only X 
environment. If I don't do it that way, Yum not only wastes time and 
bandwidth installing stuff I'll never touch, it fills up / so much by 
downloading to make it complain not enough room to actually install the very 
packages that would fit just fine if it would install them individually or in 
smallish bunches and delete them before downloading more.
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