NOPL instruction back in Rawhide?

Bill Nottingham notting at
Mon Feb 7 15:47:05 UTC 2011

Andre Robatino (robatino at said: 
> > I believe the original issue was caused by binutils inserting the instruction
> > when the assembler was called with i686 optimizations. The fix that was added
> > to prior releases was to change glibc to not call the assembler that way, as
> > a workaround. Since then, binutils has (theoretically) been fixed to not do
> > this; hence it's reassigned to binutils as that change doesn't seem to be
> > working.
> Thanks for the explanation. Does this mean that i686 packages being built now
> may get infected with NOPL as a result and have to be rebuilt later? There was
> just an announcement on the devel list of a mass rebuild starting in 2 days.

I may be mistaken, but I believe it still requires passing -mtune=i686
directly to the linker, which (in general) things in Fedora do not do. I
have not confirmed this, though.


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