2011-02-07 - Fedora QA meeting - recap

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Mon Feb 7 18:47:52 UTC 2011

Minutes and IRC transcript available at

TOPIC: Previous meeting follow-up
     1. jlaska - update
        with information about how to handle FAS group requests without
        a corresponding ticket
              +ACo See change --

TOPIC: AutoQA update - autoqa-0.4.4 and DevConf +- FUDCon updates
      +ACo jlaska created a great patch for autotest to automatically
        transfer all autoqa config files from the server to the client
      +ACo wwoods improved his depcheck test and sent us final version
      +ACo jskladan posted final version of his new+AF8-koji+AF8-watcher code
      +ACo kparal prepared a patch for upgradepath to work with the new
        post-bodhi-update-batch event (part of the new+AF8-koji+AF8-watcher
      +ACo jskladan created new milestone in AutoQA trac - Finger Food -
        containing very small tasks suitable for AutoQA newbies --
      +ACo kparal created new documentation AutoQA Development --
      +ACo FUDCon:Tempe+AF8-2011 AutoQA slides available at
      +ACo Next Steps ...
             1. Complete packaging of compat-Django-1.0.4 security
                patches and submit for review (jlaska)
             2. Wwoods to review current depcheck patch, and provide
             3. Continue testing and merging of new koji-watcher

TOPIC: Tue, Feb 08 - Alpha 'Test Compose'
      +ACo See task+ACM-19 on Fedora 15 QA calendar
      +ACo Next Steps ...
             1. jlaska - ask rel-eng to file tickets for upcoming Alpha
             2. jlaska - ping clumens about a new anaconda build for the
                alpha TC
             3. rhe or robatino - Announce ISO availability, and
                commence testing
             4. HELP - please help test and report bugs+ACE

TOPIC: Thu, Feb 10 Test Day -- FreeIPA v2
      +ACo See https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-qa/ticket/163
      +ACo No updates in ticket or on wiki yet
      +ACo Next Steps ...
             1. adamw - reach out to dmitri to check-in on FreeIPA test
                day prep

TOPIC: Fri, Feb 11 - Alpha Blocker Meeting (f15alpha) +ACM-3
      +ACo The 3rd scheduled blocker bug meeting will be hosted this Friday
        (see https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:SOP+AF8-Blocker+AF8-Bug+AF8-Meeting).
      +ACo The f15 Alpha blocker bug is
        https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show+AF8-bug.cgi?id+AD0-F15alpha.  If you
        think a bug should block the release of F15 Alpha, set it as
        blocking that bug, and it will be reviewed at the meeting
      +ACo The F15 Alpha nice-to-have bug is
        This is for bugs which don't block the release but for which
        fixes should be allowed through alpha freeze.  You can propose
        bugs for it directly if you're sure they don't meet the blocker
        requirements+ADs otherwise we usually put things on it when they
        don't get accepted as blockers
      +ACo +ADs Next Steps ...
             1. jlaska - send F15Alpha blocker review announcement
             2. HELP - file bugs and propose as blockers

TOPIC: Testing Fedora 15 in KVM virtual machines
      +ACo kparal raised the topic on the mailing list -- see
      +ACo After discussing the differences in environments, the team
        agreed that using KVM for testing is acceptable.  However,
        testers and test organizers, should recognize that virt is only
        one of many environments that may need testing.  
      +ACo Additionally, the desktop validation matrix may need review to
        account for fallback mode, and other areas to ensure test
        coverage in multiple environments (bare-metal and virt)
      +ACo Next Steps ...
             1. HELP - Adjustments to the desktop validation matrix
                (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Desktop+AF8-validation+AF8-testing) may be required to accomodate for fallback mode, and/or other hardware environments.  Suggestions/drafts encouraged.

TOPIC: GNOME3 Test Day Summary
      +ACo We had the first of three GNOME 3 test days on thursday, it went
        very well thanks to heroic work by the desktop team to get
        testing packages ready
      +ACo We had several dozen testers and lots of juicy bugs reported.
      +ACo Thanks to everyone who came and tested+ACEAIQAh
      +ACo rbergeron asked about the process for how bugs are prioritized
        after the event, how do we know the bugs are prioritized and
        fixed as needed.  Adamwill noted that he would review the bugs
        filed and recommend moving to the appropriate upstream (or
        downstream) blocker list.
      +ACo Next steps ...
             1. Adam expecting to send test summary later today

TOPIC: Best Practices for test day bug reporting
      +ACo After discussing the GNOME3 test day practice of filing
        functionality bugs upstream (bugzilla.gnome.org), and packaging
        bugs downstream (bugzilla.redhat.com), some debate ensued as to
        whether multiple bug reporting systems was an impediment to test
        day contributors.
      +ACo One idea was to require that all future test days file bugs in
        the same place (downstream)
      +ACo One idea was to add a caution/note to the test day SOP to noting
        that multiple bug trackers may be confusing to participants.
      +ACo The meeting ran over the allotted time, and no agreement was
      +ACo Next steps ...
             1. johannbg agreed to continue discussion on

TOPIC: HOWTO debug guide requirement
      +ACo johannbg suggested we should make it a requirement for test days
        to have how+AF8-to+AF8-debug pages ready present for the components that
        are being tested present and ready before the test
      +ACo Adamwill noted that adding a ''suggestion'' to the test day SOP
        for a debug guide seemed like a good idea
      +ACo Next steps ...
             1. HELP - Propose update to

     1. jlaska - ask rel-eng to file tickets for upcoming Alpha
     2. jlaska - ping clumens about a new anaconda build for the alpha
     3. adamw - reach out to dmitri to check-in on FreeIPA test day prep
     4. jlaska - send F15Alpha blocker review announcement
     5. Viking-Ice - solicit feedback on test+AEA-lists.fedoraproject.org to
        see whether we need to require only bugzilla.redhat.com use
        during test days
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