[Test-Announce] 2011-01-27 - Biosdevname Test Day recap

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Tue Feb 8 16:50:50 UTC 2011


On January 27, 2011, Fedora QA hosted a biosdevname Test Day +AFs-1+AF0.
Thanks to all who participated on wiki+-irc, and kudos to Narendra for
organizing the event.  I'm including some feedback from Narendra in this

On Mon, 2011-02-07 at 06:29 -0800, Narendra+AF8-K+AEA-Dell.com wrote:
+AD4 I believe test day was successful because it provided the required
+AD4 exposure to biosdevname to a wider user base and provided more
+AD4 familiarity with the new naming convention. Following issues that came
+AD4 up were important
+AD4 +ACo Handling of pci+ADw-slot+AD4AIwA8-port+AD4 where the name contains a '+ACM'. The test
+AD4 scenario exposed issues with anaconda's  handling of +ACM in a interface
+AD4 name, both in 'ksdevice+AD0' scenario and in 'ks.cfg --device' scenario.
+AD4 +ACo Behavior of biosdevname in a KVM guest environment, where one of the
+AD4 interfaces had an entry in +ACQ-PIR table, for which biosdevname suggested
+AD4 a name. The other interface did not have an entry in +ACQ-PIR table and
+AD4 biosdevname did not suggest a name.
+AD4 +ACo PCI add-in interfaces getting emN names on some quad port network
+AD4 adapters.

Narendra identified the following areas for additional testing.  If you
are interested in pitching in, you can post results to the wiki, or file
bugs, at any time during the release.

+AD4      1. More testing for SRIOV devices 
+AD4      2. Test NPAR capable devices when they become widely available 
+AD4      3. Wider Network Adapter coverage 
+AD4      4. Wider hypervisor/guest environment coverage

The following testers +AFs-2+AF0 participated in the event and posted results
to the wiki.  Congrats to shyam+AF8-iyer and Dramsey as our top two testers
for this event.  

                 +ACM-RESULTS +AHw TESTER
                      8   +AHw shyam+AF8-iyer
                      8   +AHw Dramsey
                      6   +AHw Srinivas
                      6   +AHw paniraj
                      6   +AHw Narendrak
                      5   +AHw taousif
                      5   +AHw ashishbunkar
                      4   +AHw Ykopkova
                      4   +AHw jlaska
                      4   +AHw Elemc
                      3   +AHw Jcm

The following bugs were reported during the event, and listed on the
wiki page.

      +ACo 673268 - Rawhide installer sees pci2+ACM-1 and eth1
      +ACo 673238 - anaconda creates incorrect udev 70-persistent-net.rules
        entry for network device
      +ACo 672603 - AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute
      +ACo 673158 - AttributeError: 'Storage' object has no attribute
      +ACo 671981 - IOError: +AFs-Errno 22+AF0 Invalid argument
      +ACo 673160 - Anaconda fails to activate the device when
        ksdevice+AD0-pciM+ACM-N  is passed
      +ACo 673015 - Launching smoltGui or smoltSendProfile  causes a
      +ACo 673192 - Dracut fails to create initramfs during +AEA-minimal Fedora
      +ACo 673387 - igb device named ethxx when sriov enabled and pci+ACMAIw
        when not
      +ACo 673565 - Install to dual-node HX5 results is inconsistent
        ethernet device name


+AFs-2+AF0 NOTE - there were additional participants who did not provide
results on the wiki.  Unfortunately, I don't have a way to identify
those contributions at this time.
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