rawhide nautilus-2.91.9-2???

Kjartan Maraas kmaraas at gnome.org
Wed Feb 9 16:27:41 UTC 2011

ti., 08.02.2011 kl. 17.22 -0800, skrev Rob Healey:
> Greetings All:
> I am truly curious about this rawhide package?  When I start my gnome
> 2 or gnome 3 desktop, I do NOT have the nautilus icons on my screen,
> such as ( My Computer, Home Folder, and Trash )!
Nautilus doesn't show desktop icons any more. Try pressing the "Windows"
logo key if you have it, or click on Activities to show the shell's
version of the desktop where you see currently open windows and can
browse through installed applications.


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