Proventester request - xulrunner, firefox, gjs bugfix update

James Laska jlaska at
Fri Feb 11 20:05:23 UTC 2011

Greetings testers,

Just passing along a test request from Chris Aillon regarding a brand
new xulrunner+firefox F15 updates-testing request.,firefox-4.0-0.16.b11.fc15,gjs-0.7.10-4.fc15

The F15 Branched repodata is still being created and synced to mirrors.
Once completed, you can download and test the proposed packages from a
F15 system by typing:

        # yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update firefox xulrunner

Note, if you installed TC1, or rawhide, you'll need to have the Fedora
15 fedora-release package installed

If the requested update is not available on a mirror near you, the
latest packages can be downloaded and installed directly from koji using
the following commands:

        # for UPDATE in firefox xulrunner ; do koji download-build
        --arch $(uname -i) --arch noarch --latestfrom
        dist-f15-updates-candidate $UPDATE ; done
        # yum update *.rpm

The main focus for this update is to address updated %requires, similar
to those noted in the gjs changelog [1].  Several basic test case
suggestions are available on the wiki at

Happy testing!


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