[Fedora QA] #158: Proposed Test Day - l10n/i18n test day

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#158: Proposed Test Day - l10n/i18n test day
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Changes (by adamwill):

 * cc: tfujiwar at redhat.com (added)


 A good person to have in CC for this (if he's not already) would be Takao
 Fujiwara, who works on ibus and is looking after getting ibus integrated
 with GNOME Shell. We definitely need to check GNOME 3's i18n/l10n smarts,
 I wanted to do it as part of the GNOME 3 test days but didn't manage to
 get test cases in for the first one. I will add Takao to CC, assuming it
 works (trac's CC field is a bit weird).

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