please test openldap [F15 Alpha blocker]

Jan Vcelak jvcelak at
Mon Feb 14 16:44:14 UTC 2011


proventesters, please test openldap-2.4.24-1.fc15 update.

New OpenLDAP was released two days after branch freeze (2011-02-10).

New release contains many bugfixes. Mozilla NSS patches we had separately are 
now included. There are a few improvements of server backends.

API was extended:
* libldap adds: ldap_destroy ldap_dup ldap_sasl_interactive_bind
* libldif adds: ldif_put_wrap ldif_sput_wrap

(DB5 support was added, but I left it to use DB4. I would like to test this 
particular feature in F-16.)

It would be pity if the new OpenLDAP didn't get it into Alpha.


Thanks in advance!

Jan Včelák
Base Operating Systems Brno
Red Hat Inc.

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