please test openldap [F15 Alpha blocker]

Rich Megginson rmeggins at
Tue Feb 15 14:14:24 UTC 2011

On 02/15/2011 03:21 AM, Jan Vcelak wrote:
> On Tue Feb 15 05:54:43 UTC 2011, Adam Williamson wrote:
>>> It would be pity if the new OpenLDAP didn't get it into Alpha.
>> Why, exactly? Do any of the changes have significant impact on LDAP
>> authentication?
> No, there are no changes with significant impact on authentication.
> I've summarized my reasons in the bugzilla:
> Jan
Another reason is that with 2.4.23 we were carrying a large number of 
patch files - with the rebase to 2.4.24, we can get rid of most of them.

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