Some IPv6 issues

A.J. Werkman AJ.Werkman at
Thu Feb 17 21:19:29 UTC 2011

When installing F15 ALPHA TC2 in a IPv6 only environment I encounter 
some problems.

Same as F14 where I already have filed bug 633815, anaconda stops when 
it can't find a IPv4 DHCP lease, altough it as a perfect IPv6 address. 
As I know what I am doing I switch off IPv4 in the GUI and things work 
fine. But I doubt if the not so technical end-user will understand this. 
Why is anaconda not focused on just getting network connectivity and 
does it insist on getting an IPv4 address? does not yet resolve to a IPv6 address, making it 
impossible to save a traceback directly from anaconda. I filed this as 
bug 635985. But as is noted there this is not actually a fedora bug. Can 
anyone tell me who I should convince to make 
available in the IPv6 domain?

When I start anaconda in IPv6 only environment and configure static 
addresses, the nameserver adress is not transfered to /etc/resolve.conf. 
So in the installation process name resolving is not possible. I will 
file this bug shortly.

During the installation I do not get any repo GUI to point anaconda to 
the repo's I want to use. Is this a bug or a feature by design? As the 
default value's for the repo's don't work in my IPv6 setup, it is not 
possible to do a network installation. I don't know wether the default 
repo's faile because of the name-resolve issue or because the mirrorlist 
returns non IPv6 hosts. I haven't figured this out yet.

At this stage I think F15 is definitly not ready for IPv6.


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