Some IPv6 issues

A.J. Werkman AJ.Werkman at
Fri Feb 18 08:11:22 UTC 2011

Op 17-2-2011 22:19, A.J. Werkman schreef:
> During the installation I do not get any repo GUI to point anaconda to
> the repo's I want to use. Is this a bug or a feature by design? As the
> default value's for the repo's don't work in my IPv6 setup, it is not
> possible to do a network installation. I don't know wether the default
> repo's faile because of the name-resolve issue or because the mirrorlist
> returns non IPv6 hosts. I haven't figured this out yet.

Regarding this issue, what should be the behaviour of the mirror 
service? Does it respond with only repo's in the IPv6 domain when it is 
queried from an IPv6 address?


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