Fedora 15 Alpha TC2 install testing report

Hongqing Yang hoyang at redhat.com
Fri Feb 18 09:35:41 UTC 2011

Hi, Adam,

The fedora 15 alpha tc2 install testing has been finished by today despite the late delivery.
since the new features and updates in f15, some autoqa tests cannot run now. most
tests have been done manually.

Test results are published at

The following bugs were encountered:

   # The following bugs are set as blokcers(Alpha,Beta and Blocker) on bugzilla
      * RHBZ #676551 - no prompt for mediacheck
      * RHBZ #677842 - [abrt] mutter-2.91.6-4.fc15: ureg_src: Process /usr/bin/mutter was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV) 
      * RHBZ #677773 - F-15-Alpha DVD install (TC2) prompts for networking at repo step
      * RHBZ #676821 - Couldn't resolve host name when installing packages over NFS 
      * RHBZ #672265 - "Install to harddrive" fails with "not a live image" 
      * RHBZ #678414 - NFS ISO install fails during repo setup - umount.nfs4: /mnt/source: device is busy
      * RHBZ #678086 - F-15-Alpha.TC2 DVD image askmethod install from harddisk segfaults 
      * RHBZ #677131 - How to skip update disk prompt 
      * RHBZ #677953 - Unable to kickstart with ks.cfg file stored on hard drive
      * RHBZ #678081 - Updates.img delivery via installation source not working 
      * RHBZ #676815 - Upgrade from F14 to F15 Alpha TC1 failed due to package conflicts 
      * RHBZ #646843 - images/install.img will no longer exist in F-15 and newer 

   # The bugs below are not set as blockers on bugzilla, I have also matched them with the release criterias, none should be set as blocker in my opinion.
      * RHBZ #677791 - stderr output displayed on screen after completion of text-mode install 
      * RHBZ #678150 - VNC install w/ password, fails to establish password for VNC session 
      * RHBZ #676968 - system halts after first reboot during kickstart installation
      * RHBZ #678413 - NFS ISO installs require the presence of .treeinfo 
      * RHBZ #678421 - AttributeError: 'InstallInterface' object has no attribute 'methodstrRepoWindow' 
      * RHBZ #678087 - Booting F-15-Alpha.TC2 DVD image on harddisk enters network installation 
      * RHBZ #678321 - Dialog 'Error Running Transaction' is empty
      * RHBZ #585006 - anaconda and livecd-creator are creating i386 and x86_64 ISOs which are larger than indicated by the ISO header

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