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Tue Feb 22 17:34:06 UTC 2011

On Tuesday, February 22, 2011 09:51:27 AM Bill Nottingham wrote:
> A.J. Werkman (AJ.Werkman at said:
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> > Yes I know. But is the old network startup script not ported to the
> > new systemd? That would mean I am forced to use NetworkManager to
> > start up networking?
> The network script will call NM to control interfaces if NM
> happens to be running. There are some discussions on how NM gets
> autostarted under some conditions where it perhaps shouldn't be
> that are still being resolved.

I remember in the past that nmcli was called when starting network to check on 
something.  the result was that NetworkManager had to be running since systemd 
opens the socket so without a running NetworkManager you got no network as 
nmcli would hang waiting for a response.  this was back when F14 was in 
development so it could have been resolved.  ive not tried lately.

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