[Fedora QA] #163: Request for test Day for FreeIPA v2 on Feb 10th 2011

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#163: Request for test Day for FreeIPA v2 on Feb 10th 2011
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Comment (by dpal):

 Feedback about the test day.

 The test day was not a success. It was actually a bit of a shame at least
 for me. We put a lot of preparation into it but definitely that was not

 What was done:
  1. Announcements on the project wiki and mailing lists.
  2. Test cases and procedures were prepared and put on the Fedora test day
 wiki page.

  1. We were too late in our development cycle to provide the stable build
 for F15 early and actually try it and have time to resolve the issues.
  2. F15 was not stable. systemd was at blame but other issues too. As a
 result of the F15 instability people spent most of the time setting up
 Fedora and not IPA.
  3. Dogtag did not work at all (worked fine on F14) and thus did not make
 a test day
  4. SSSD was outdated
  5. We did not have a good guidance that if something fails there are
 other test cases that people can execute.

 So there is a mixture of reasons why the test day can be counted as

 No the question is: what can we do about it and what should we do about

 May be we can have another test day? Do you think it makes sense to have
 Here is an open slot: 2011-04-21

 I am open for suggestions. I am not sure that deserve another test day if
 there other projects that need it. But if it is empty may be we should go
 for it and have better tester alignment in advance?

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