[Fedora QA] #163: Request for test Day for FreeIPA v2 on Feb 10th 2011

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Tue Feb 22 19:19:32 UTC 2011

#163: Request for test Day for FreeIPA v2 on Feb 10th 2011
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Comment (by adamwill):

 Sorry you had a bad experience :(. I think definitely coming early in the
 cycle to a release with some major changes didn't help.

 The 04-21 slot is open; the only issue with that slot is that it's very
 close to the final change deadline, so it would be hard to get many
 changes into the release as a consequence of the test day. More likely any
 fixes would have to go out as post-release updates.

 It's definitely key to get preparation done for the test day in time and
 to do a 'dry run' with the prepared materials to make sure the testing can
 actually be achieved; do you think I should explain that more clearly in
 the SOP?

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