Running abrt-cli in live isos for graphics test days?

John Watzke watzkej at
Wed Feb 23 00:11:51 UTC 2011

> However when I run abrt-cli -r xxx where xxx are the first few
> characters of the uuid it wants to download 94 debug files - is there
> any way I can get a shorter way to a crash report from abrt-cli?
   I'm not sure what you mean by a shorter way.  If you don't have the debug
files installed, the backtrace won't contain any useful information.  It
will basically show each thread and call stack as "No symbols found".  You
can manually run 'debuginfo-install <crashing application name>' and it will
install the debuginfos but it's likely to be the same 94 debuginfo files.

   -- John Watzke
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