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Evan Klitzke evan at eklitzke.org
Wed Feb 23 03:51:23 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I recently got a Mac Mini "server" edition which means it has two HDDs and
no CD drive. Trying to get Linux installed on this thing has been a bit of a
challenge, since I can't boot from a CD and EFI support on Macs seems
unreliable/unsupported -- but I think with the Fedora 15 release I'm really
close to being able to do it.

So to boot an installer on this thing, I need an EFI image on a USB disk.
Tried to create a liveusb CD on Fedora 14, couldn't boot the EFI image. What
would happen is I'd boot up and get the GRUB screen with the splash image,
could edit the kernel/initrd lines, etc. but when I try to boot nothing
happens, the screen just stays stuck on the GRUB splash screen. Discovered
the efidisk.img files on the Fedora mirrors, tried them out for F12-F14 and
same thing happened as when I used the liveusb image.

Tried the F15 efidisk.img from the kernel.org mirror, and holy smoke, it
boots! What happens is when the system boots the screen is all scrambled,
although I can make out what would normally be the Tux logo and the grey
text scrolling by. Then I get to the familiar blue/grey/red screen in the
Fedora text installer. If I hit the arrow keys on my keyboard the red part
moves up/down, which I know from experience is the menu for selecting the
installer language. But since the graphics are all scrambled, I can't
actually read anything, and thus I can't proceed with the installation.

So I think if I can boot the F15 installer in a mode where the graphics
aren't all messed up, I can install. I've tried using the "nomodeset" option
on the kernel line (i.e. by hitting 'e' in GRUB and editing), but no dice --
I still get the scrambled screen. To the best of my knowledge, the videocard
is an NVIDIA GeForce 320M. I realize I probably missed the nouveau graphics
test day today, but maybe there's someone here who can help me out.


evan klitzke
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