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Rob Healey robhealey1 at
Sat Feb 26 21:48:20 UTC 2011

Dear Chris and Bruce:

> Greetings All:
> I would appreciate if anyone can answer this either to the list or
> to me???
> I must ask again, please, is fc15 updates-testing gnome*2.91.90* or
> fc16 stable enough with gnome-shell to update to either one???
> I have loaded and blown up my computer too many times over the last two
> to frustrate anyone!  I know that, of course, updates-testing and rawhide
> are UNSTABLE in nature of the beast!  I would love to have gnome*2.91.90*
> installed on my system, but am scared to do so right now!
> I would also like to know at the Gnome login screen, where can I choose to
> select a different windows manager, such as KDE LXDE, or icewm???  I know
> that in the far upper right, I can select logout, restart, shut down...

>Partial answer (just my experience):  installed x86_64 F15Alpha RC 2,
>was able to manually select gnome-shell.  Then updated and can no longer
>get the shell.  Have to metacity --replace just to regain window
>control.  Getting ready to reinstall and no updates for awhile.  Radeon
>VGA.  Don't know if this is a mutter problem, mesa problem, or what.
>Oh, BTW, gdm is borked again.  Saw a bz on gdm.

Thank you for taking the time and energy to answer back!  I would love yto
be updated to the current gnome-shell...  I will wait a little though...


Thanks for your information as well!


Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

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