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Mon Feb 28 00:22:34 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-02-27 at 18:02 -0600, Jason D. Clinton wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 17:49, Mike Chambers <mike at> wrote:
>         Soo, where is the weather applet, and others that I might want
>         to view?
>         Or where/how do I add a applet type thing so weather is
>         viewable at
>         least on the desktop or something and seen rather easily?
> As has been discussed to death all over several mailing lists for the
> past six months, panel applets are not allowed in GNOME 3. However, it
> is in the plans (possibly for 3.2) to introduce a desktop widget
> system--or something like it--akin to desktop widgets in other OS's;
> it will not be returning in the form of a panel applet, though. The
> widget plans just didn't make it in time to get included in 3.0.
> The date/time widget is missing time zones, as well. See the plans
> here:
> If you want more information, a simple web-search will turn up all
> kinds.

Pretty half baked if ask me.  There is no "include it at a later date,
or next release" option, as that is just trying to get something out the
door but not include anything else.  If applets are going away, no
problem, then include the replacement, in this case, a widget or
whatever, which I am assuming is like Windows is currently using.  At
least *they* didn't leave that type stuff out when introduced a new OS.
Oh wait, they *still* have the option of weatherbug, etc to still be
included as applets.  

This isn't bout gnome-shell being bad, it's lot better than was when F14
was being developed.  This is bout making a total major change to a
major part of the OS, and not including all the options to replace those
no longer being used.  If lot of this is gonna be included before F15
goes gold, then good, will patiently wait for it.  If we have to wait
for lot of this stuff, then what good is it to push it out the door when
it's not ready?  It may be operational and functional to the point of
not crashing, but don't mean it's *ready*.  Hell, I couldn't find away
to modify my firewall, change selinux options, or other system type
config things, without having to use CLI.

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