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Mon Feb 28 02:29:27 UTC 2011

Once upon a time, Jason D. Clinton <me at> said:
> Patches welcome. Alternatively, you could pay someone to write it who
> already isn't spending every spare, waking moment working on getting GNOME 3
> ready. Your email isn't particularly helpful though.

Your email isn't particularly helpful either.

How about patches to not include something that isn't done (as far as
replacing useful functionality of the predecessor) as the primary
desktop in Fedora?  Would you welcome that?  Not everybody can develop,
and not all developers can really work on something like GNOME.  That
doesn't mean their input should be ignored or criticized.

I hadn't really had a chance to look at GNOME 3.0 and the GNOME Shell
until the graphics test days this week.  Based on that short look, I'll
either skip F15 and wait for further development, or switch to XFCE or
some other environment.

There seem to be a number of things missing from the new environment,
and when the response to pointing out the missing functionality is
essentially "send patches or shut up", my response tends towards "fine,
I'll go somewhere else".
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