Clyde E. Kunkel clydekunkel7734 at
Mon Feb 28 03:14:08 UTC 2011

On 02/27/2011 06:49 PM, Mike Chambers wrote:
> Soo, where is the weather applet, and others that I might want to view?
> Or where/how do I add a applet type thing so weather is viewable at
> least on the desktop or something and seen rather easily?

Interesting thread.  I'm having fun finding ways to do the same things 
under "the shell" as I did with panels.  I put all of the missing 
widgets on the desktop (most of them anyway, those that allow placing on 
the panel) and then just call them up in a gnome-terminal.

"The shell" takes some getting used to and us OldFarts don't take well 
to change, but I am finding that the more I use it, the more I 
understand the thinking that went into the design and the easier it is 
becoming to use.

Just need it to settle down and not break when updates are applied. 
Bugs have been submitted.

BTW, what happened to wobbly windows?  Was that someone else?


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