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Mon Feb 28 04:11:06 UTC 2011

Once upon a time, Jason D. Clinton <me at> said:
> I appreciate how you clipped out the part where I said it's on the drawing
> board but it didn't make it in time. What do you want us to do? Human
> cloning is, sadly, illegal, and thus we only have the resources that we
> have.

I understand it is on the drawing board.  I specifically tried to avoid
any criticism of the developers or their work.  I understand that the
major changes are a big job and time is limited.

However, IMHO, GNOME Shell isn't "feature complete" until it is ready to
replace all the common uses of its predecessor, and applets are a major
part of the desktop (again IMHO).  If GNOME Shell isn't feature
complete, then it shouldn't be made the default in Fedora 15.  New
features are supposed to be roughly feature complete by Alpha, and F15
Alpha is almost here.

It also appears there is a lack of configuration tools (just from
messages on this list about using gconf to change things), which again
would seem to be a regression to me.  Lack of a "reboot" button or menu
option is also something that should be addressed.

If a replacement for applets (and porting or reimplementing of the
commonly-used applets) isn't going to be implemented before F15 Alpha,
then IMHO the "fallback" mode should still be the default for F15, per
the GNOME 3 feature page contingency plan.

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