FC15 hang at Create User screen

Larry Vaden vaden at texoma.net
Mon Feb 28 06:33:25 UTC 2011

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 12:15 AM, Adam Williamson <awilliam at redhat.com> wrote:
> This list is fine. It's generally not a good idea to post five
> completely different issues as 'addenda' to a thread about another
> different issue, though. It only leads to confusion :)

THANKS for your reply --- it is fully appreciated.

The mistake I made was that I thought that I would encounter 0 or 1
bugs while attempting the installation;  all of the addenda were
related to firstboot (IMHO, although I was advised to report against
anaconda).  The purple password-backspace was quite stunning.  From
there, I continued to encounter problems, the next with ntp, thus the
next addendum, sort of a diary, all entries are related and within the
scope of the code which is run when /etc/reconfigSys is set.

If no one else can duplicate the purple-password-backspace issue, then
I have to assume a problem with the Dell 340, although memtest looks
OK and the machine had done a great deal of work prior to the failure.

> ntpd refuses to work if it has to make an adjustment it considers too
> big - you have to use ntpdate before firing up ntpd - but it should fail
> with a coherent statement in that case and not just 'hang'. Not sure
> exactly what it is you're hitting.

alt-ctrl-f2 would function, yielding a login time of a fixed 25
seconds regardless of the number of iterations.  Yet, 'w' showed no
noticeable load.  Once logged in (via alt-ctrl-f2), 'service sshd
status' would hang, so ...

I can't imagine how much work on the Fedora Team is caused by hardware
(read: defective) problems and really appreciate the the work of the
Fedora Team.

kind regards/vaden at texoma.net

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