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#174: proventester request: caillon
  Reporter:  caillon                      |       Owner:        
      Type:  proventester request         |      Status:  closed
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Comment (by caillon):

 So, I investigated a little more here.

 a11y has infact been broken the entire time.  I had disabled it myself
 around the holidays, and turned it off, and subsequently ran into the
 exact same problem when helping mclasen build the packages for the GNOME
 Shell test day #1 right after FUDCon.  I installed at-spi2* at that point
 since I built them.  Again, after talking to mclasen, realized that a11y
 was still busted and killed a11y from my system.

 When installing the above update, I thought the problem was the same so it
 did not flag to me as a regression, but what happened was that the gschema
 key changed names in between releases, and this forced a11y on for
 everyone.  I wrongly assumed that it was because I simply installed a11y
 yet again, so it did not seem like a regression to me over previous

 That said, it looks like this has been fixed by another update

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