[Fedora QA] #163: Request for test Day for FreeIPA v2 on Feb 10th 2011

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#163: Request for test Day for FreeIPA v2 on Feb 10th 2011
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Comment (by dpal):

 Replying to [comment:19 johannbg]:
 > Am I getting you right that you are unable to hook already existing
 components that freeipa uses that may or may not be running on different
 *nix to it?
 > Basically you cant implement it in an already existing infrastructure

 This is correct. IPA is one stop shop replacement for those stand alone
 solutions. It is installed on one box (but you can have many replicas) and
 has all parts tightly integrated. KDC + DS + CS + NDS. You can avoid using
 CS or DNS but that means you are using stand alone CS or DNS and not
 testing it in the configuration in which it is embedded into IPA so there
 is no value for IPA from such testing.

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