cannot boot beyond runlevel 1

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Sun Jan 2 21:53:49 UTC 2011

On 2011/01/02 11:37 (GMT-0700) Michal Jaegermann composed:

> it really up to you to find out what is wrong.  Walk
> through you boot sequence step by step and find out where there are
> problems and why.

> So what should be next?  Check a listing of /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S* to
> find what you configured.  Are you sure that the previous step
> really finished?  Answering such questions is much easier if you are
> running that explicitely instead of making it happen "by itself".

Finally I figured out (I think) what you meant I should do:
boot runlevel 1
cd /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/
(each) `./S* start` in turn

First error:
bash: ./S50bluetooth: No such file or directory

There should be no bluetooth configured, as there is no such hardware on this 
7 year old system.

Hmmm, no more errors through 99rc-local, and all exited.

Hmmm again. After some time:
[900.089897] systemd[1]: systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service: main process exited, 
code=exited, status=1 [900.094000] systemd[1]: Unit 
systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service entered failed state.

After running all that, runlevel still shows S. What did I miss?

What if any significance is there to systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service going 
into failed state?

How & when do I get into interactive startup, since I don't any more see any 
message suggesting that option?
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