cannot boot beyond runlevel 1

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Mon Jan 3 03:08:47 UTC 2011

On 2011/01/02 23:54 (GMT-0300) Horst H. von Brand composed:

> Michal Jaegermann<michal at>  wrote:

>>  So something else is blocking you although this looks somewhat
>>  puzzling.  Maybe systemd is indeed a culprit?  Maybe something else?
>>  Missing getty processes?

> Here (on an x86_64, Fedora rawhide) I have:

> # systemctl status getty.service
> getty.service
> 	  Loaded: error
> 	  Active: inactive (dead)

> Even so, a bunch of getty's show up here. On another (newer) machine there
> are no gettys at all, and fixing things by ctrl-alt-F2 doesn't lead
> anywhere. :-(
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