New BugZapper Introduction

Michiel Beijen michiel.beijen at
Mon Jan 3 10:14:00 UTC 2011

Hi all,

My name is Mike (Michiel Beijen officially, but no-one outside The
Netherlands can pronounce that correctly, so just Mike will do fine).
I work for OTRS ( - the company behind the open
source help desk software with the same name. I recently switched to
Fedora 14 on my work laptop and would like to be involved in the
Fedora project. Since the software I work with for my day job runs on
Perl, I'd be mostly interested to work on Perl related issues on
Fedora, but of course if I come across other issues I would not
hesitate to file some issues, find some duplicate bugs, manage some
packages or the like. On a slightly unrelated topic, I already created
my first Fedora package, the WWW::Gravatar module from CPAN; for which
I'm still seeking a sponsor:

Please bear a little with me as I'm very new to the Fedora community,
I am looking forward learning lots from you and I hope to contribute


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