2011-01-03 - Fedora QA meeting recap

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Mon Jan 3 19:53:34 UTC 2011

Minutes and IRC transcript available at

+AD0 Attendees +AD0

People present (lines said)
      +ACo jlaska (127)
      +ACo adamw (37)
      +ACo Viking-Ice (23)
      +ACo kparal (18)
      +ACo rbergeron (4)
      +ACo jskladan+AF8-home (3)
      +ACo wwoods (2)

Unable to attend:
      +ACo rhe (hopefully sleeping)
      +ACo hongqing (hopefully sleeping)

+AD0 Agenda +AD0

Proposed meeting agenda -
MeetBot summary -

+AD0APQ Previous meeting follow-up +AD0APQ

      +ACo Bodhi feedback patch from fcami (see +AHsAew-Ticket+AHw-infrastructure+AHw
        701+AH0AfQ awaiting review
        No updates, still awaiting feedback

+AD0APQ Call for Test Days +AD0APQ

Owner : adamw
      +ACo Call for ideas/owners for Fedora 15 +AFsAWw-QA/Test+AF8-Days+AF0AXQ
Next steps ...
     1. Schedule systemd event?
     2. +ACo-HELP+ACo - Approaching ''last call'' to pitch (or host) test days
        for Fedora 15.
     3. Reach out to xorg-x11-drv maintainers to see if they want to
        move the test week at all

+AD0APQ Requirements review for Fedora test case management +AD0APQ

Owner : rhe
      +ACo See http://fedorahosted.org/fedora-qa/ticket/152 -- Requirements
        review for Fedora test case management
      +ACo Use case identification -- see
      +ACo Use case comparison -- see
Next steps ...
     1. +ACo-HELP+ACo - More feedback needed from testers (anyone who has
        participated or hosted an installation test event or test day)

+AD0APQ Critical Path test case development +AD0APQ

Owner : Adamw
      +ACo See http://fedorahosted.org/fedora-qa/ticket/154
      +ACo       +ACo Updated links posted at
Next steps ...
     1. +ACo-HELP+ACo - More feedback needed from testers and developers
     2. If no additional feedback, and we assume no news is good news,
        the next step is converting existing test cases, and getting
        people started writing new ones developed
     3. Reach out to f-e-k and bodhi teams to discuss tools integration

+AD0APQ AutoQA Update +AD0APQ

Owner : Kparal
      +ACo Kparal pushed mkrizek's support for staging server into master
Next steps ...
     1. What's the status of depcheck?
     2. Wwoods posting blog article explaining the need for +AHsAew-Ticket+AHw
     3. Determine appropriate strategy for watcher and depcheck
        integration, and revise patchset as needed
     4. Merge clumens branch into master

+AD0 Open discussion - +ADw-Your topic here+AD4 +AD0

+AD0APQ Suggestions for improving IRC meetings +AD0APQ

Owner - jlaska
      +ACo Jlaska asked for ideas/thoughts on improving IRC meetings
      +ACo Suggestions included ...
      +ACo Merge BugZappers and QA meetings
      +ACo Post and solicit meeting topics on Friday, conditionally host
        meetings on Monday
Next steps ...
     1. Will post and solicit topics on Friday
     2. No current action, but open to merging BugZapper and QA meetings
        in the future

+AD0 Action items +AD0

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