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On 2011/01/04 00:09 (GMT-0500) Michal Jaegermann composed:

> On Mon, Jan 03, 2011 at 10:53:04PM -0500, Felix Miata wrote:

>>  Maybe the problem is that systemd doesn't know about any of this.

> I do not think that systemd is supposed to know anything about your
> time zone; I may miss something.

What I was supposing was that something in the sysvinit/upstart/systemd 
conversion process was resulting in ntpd not actually getting started.

>>  According to chkconfig, ntpd is on,

> ntpd is designed to give up if it has to compensate for to big time
> differences although it is often configured to "jump" once at the
> very start.  BTW - with an unstable reference (due to a crazy
> network latencies, for example) chrony does much better job.

This is actually two multiboot systems, one currently only with DOS, openSUSE 
11.3, openSUSE Factory, Fedora 14, and Rawhide (the other with more than a 
dozen installed OSes). The two latter OS were freshly installed yesterday, as 
there was only Rawhide upgraded from F14 previously, and it refused to give 
me gettys when the upgrade finished. Because I could find no installation 
files for Rawhide, I did a fresh minimal 14 install (which BTW had no problem 
figuring out my TZ on its own), then added various KDE and additional 
networking, then upgraded to Rawhide. DOS and the SUSE's give me no clock 
problems, while both Fedoras do.

>>  and according to diff, /etc/localtime and
>>  /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Eastern contain entirely identical bits.
>>  Yet, each Rawhide boot produces filesystem mount times and clock
>>  time off by the TZ offset.

> Do you have TZ set in an enviroment?  You should not do that with a

If there was, it would have been put there by Anaconda, not me, but I don't 
see one.

> proper content of /etc/localtime.  Anyway, I do not recall such
> issue in those bits of rawhide I have now on hands.

How & when was that installation created? When will a netboot installation 
kernel/initrd set be available for Rawhide again?
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