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On 2011/01/04 09:02 (GMT-0500) Clyde E. Kunkel composed:

> On 01/03/2011 05:55 PM, Felix Miata wrote:

>>  Is there another cmdline date configuration tool? system-config-date seems to
>>  require X (depends on gnome-python2-canvas; RuntimeError: could not open
>>  display), which ATM will not start on my system, while each boot corrupts the
>>  time in the amount of the TZ offset.

> There was a problem with systemd not enabling hwclock-load.service a few
> weeks ago.  That said, if your system (rawhide?) is up-to-date, then the
> problem is elsewhere.  See
> especially comment 5.

The way I read that bug, my problem on first glance seemed opposite:

current UTC: 14:29
local time: 09:29
Rawhide time: 04:27

Nevertheless, systemctl enable hwclock-load.service fixed it. Thanks for the 
pointer to that bug, which long ago as it was marked fixed, I would have 
thought would have been inapplicable. I wonder if something since has 
inadvertently undone that fix, or a refinement of it is necessary for 
upgrades from F14 to Rawhide?
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