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#161: Proposed Test Day - Preupgrade test day
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 Oh, good reminder on the preupgrade event.

 Heads up, Richard Hughes (preupgrade maintainer) has been working on
 integrating the preupgrade code-base into PackageKit for a more seemless
 (cross-distro) user experience.  My understanding... there is still some
 development work going on before the new preupgrade is complete.  I don't
 know whether that work will be completed in time for F15 and the test day
 date.  I also don't know if that updated code base will be pushed into
 F14, or will be for F15->F16 upgrades.  Either way, it definitely makes
 sense to host another preupgrade event (using either code).  They have
 proven successful in identifying many upgrade hiccups in the past.

 I've cc'd Richard for updates on development efforts.

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