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#161: Proposed Test Day - Preupgrade test day
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Comment (by jlaska):

 Replying to [comment:2 johannbg]:
 > Or is preupgrade only testing preupgrade itself thus only issues
 regarding preupgrade itself are reported ( which would exclude systemd for
 example )?

 This is good to think through ahead of time.  Thanks for your comments.

 We'll likely uncover upgrade related issues during any upgrade testing
 (preupgrade or traditional upgrade), but I think we should keep the test
 day focused primarily on the preupgrade experience.  For example, does the
 preupgrade tool (GUI and TUI) work as expected, does it successfully
 prepare the system for upgrade, does the upgrade boot and complete without
 error or minimal user interaction, can the user login to the upgraded
 system etc...?

 While systemd's handling during an upgrade F15 won't be the primary focus
 for the event, between the upgrade tests from the scheduled install test
 runs, the preupgrade test day, and the planned systemd test day, I feel
 like we've got good coverage there.

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