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#154: Tracker: critical path test case creation
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Comment (by bruno):

 There is no upstream. I needed to make one so that I would have a
 reasonable test before putting a development version of squashfs-tools in
 rawhide. (Kyle asked me not to break things :-) I'll take a look at doing
 the upload and if I think it is as simple as it looks at first glance I'll
 do it shortly.

 This is mostly crit path. squashfs-tools is used in live images. If
 uncompressing doesn't work then the images won't work. Arguably only gzip
 needs to work now, but hopefully we'll also need xz for F15. Also the
 unsquashfs path isn't used by live images, so in theory that could be
 skipped as well. But it seemed convenient to test these together. If it
 runs too long, the test data size could be cut back and the test would
 probably be as good. In my tests it runs reasonably quick on an older

 In theory there could be other core tests to make sure extended attributes
 and special files work correctly. But those features aren't really used by
 live images currently.

 A more complete test, would be to test live images, but there could be
 other things blocking a live image test and they would take longer to do.

 I can add a good results example. The only bad results I saw were when I
 had bugs in my test script.

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