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#154: Tracker: critical path test case creation
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Comment (by bruno):

 That looks good. I found the real problem in my case, is that I did not
 realize that there were two documents and I was going mostly off the test
 case document, rather than the test plan document. I think I ran across
 both at various times, but when actually writing up the test case I was
 looking at the test case document. There is a link back to the test plan
 document, but I didn't check at that time.

 I still like the changes to the test plan document. The sort trick I only
 knew about from the conversation about the radeon test cases. I'd be less
 likely to have made the mistake of not having a package category if I had
 been referring to both pages at the time I was actually making up the test
 case, but with the current wording I would have been sure to have made the
 package category.

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