prefdm.service not configured

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Mon Jan 10 05:20:37 UTC 2011

Today I (minimal) installed F13, upgraded that to F14, then upgraded that to 
Rawhide, all because I could find no way to start a Rawhide install, and F14 
can't count available memory (says not enough for graphical install, even 
though the 384M minimum is exceeded by 1/3), and text install cannot be 
directed to install to the available target.

After the update to Rawhide I yum installed basic Xorg and KDE packages, as I 
could find no groupinstall selections that would install only basic KDM/KDE 
and notunwanted/unneeded Gnome/GTK/extras stuff.

Startx works, but runlevel 5 does not start KDM. systemctl shows 
prefdm.service as in subject. I find no prefdm.service file anywhere in /etc. 
What should have set KDM to start? How do I fix/configure KDM to work?
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