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#164: Multi-spin DVD review
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Comment (by adamwill):

 Personally speaking I'm totally fine with this, I think it's a great idea
 and the additional QA burden, as it's currently planned to be implemented,
 would be minimal.

 Johann, I'm not sure we really need that; as it's currently designed the
 image is essentially a thin bootloader wrapper around the existing spin
 ISOs. It just takes the existing live spins and wraps them in a multi-boot
 loader; once they've been loaded they're identical to their separate
 incarnations and really ought to behave exactly the same. I don't think
 it'd really be needed to test that each separate one would install. We
 could probably just check that all of them boot, and do a quick install
 check on one of them, and that ought to suffice. That's probably an hour's
 work at most.

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