2011-01-17 - Fedora QA meeting - recap

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Mon Jan 17 18:20:46 UTC 2011

As always, minutes and IRC transcript available at

TOPIC: Previous meeting follow-up
     1. Bodhi feedback patch from fcami (see +AHsAew-Ticket+AHw-infrastructure+AHw
        701+AH0AfQ awaiting review
              +ACo No updates on
              +ACo jlaska will ping lmacken after meeting

TOPIC: Update on critpath test definition (ticket+ACM-154)
     1. The new system has gone public (see announcement at
     2. Adamw started converting existing test cases to the new category
        system, about half of our existing test cases done now
     3. Adamw mailed infrastructure list to discuss the possibility of
        adding a mediawiki extension which would allow multi-category
        search (see
     4. The team discussed the possibility of adding multi-category
        searching to the python-simplemediawiki API
     5. Next steps ...
              +ACo Need to determine if/how to handle Category recursion on
                the wiki
              +ACo IDEA: Discuss new test case SOP and wiki organization at
                FUDCon Tempe

TOPIC: Latest and greatest on autoqa-0.4.4
     1. Simplified the test object template a bit by using
        'self.+AF8AXw-class+AF8AXw' where possible - ''So easy, a three year old
        can do it'' (see
     2. clumens installer branch merged - New git-post-receive hook and
        several installer tests (anaconda+AF8-checkbot, anaconda+AF8-storage and
        compose+AF8-tree) (see
     3. mkrizek implemented logging support and unittest execution
        support now in separate branches and will be merged once we have
        a little time to review it (see
        https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/ticket/196 +AFs-logging+AF0 and
        https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/ticket/258 +AFs-unittest+AF0)
     4. jskladan adjusted his 'new+AF8-koji+AF8-watcher' patch and the debate
        ensued (see
     5. wwoods posted 'depcheck' patch (see
     6. hongqing researching anaconda virtio support and integrating
        that into rats+AF8-install/install.py (see
     7. Next steps ...
              +ACo Review outstanding patches and merge into master
              +ACo Resolve remaining outstanding tickets for for

TOPIC: Update on TCMS nitrate analysis (ticket+ACM-152)
     1. TCMS Use Cases available at
              +ACo Rhe regrouped the use cases by general and main test
                events(runs) use cases. The general cases cover the
                basic uses of wiki, and the events cases covers the
                detailed certain steps for organizing the events.
     2. Wiki and Nitrate comparison available at
              +ACo The comparison is grouped according to the use cases. It
                has overlaps between each other which I need to further
                update. But the basic idea is shown, please review them
                and welcome to provide any comments about the grouping
                idea/design format/contents. 
     3. Next steps ...
              +ACo HELP: - Feedback needed ... last chance+ACE
              +ACo Identify and prioritize MUSTHAVE and SHOULDHAVE features
              +ACo Begin roll-out of staging server for testing during
                Fedora 15

OPEN DISCUSSION: Media+AF8-Handout+AF8-Requirement
     1. Viking-Ice drew attention to recent advisory board discussion on
        SPINs and test plans (see
     2. A proposed requirements is available for review at
     3. Next steps ...
              +ACo HELP: - volunteers welcome - need to adjust current
                draft to match QA workflow
              +ACo Post feedback to

OPEN DISCUSSION: IDEA - Anyone interested in data mining smolt?
     1. In preparation for upcoming Xorg and gnome-shell test days, we
        could really use help massaging smolt data
     2. The goal -- figure out a way to get a raw dump of all graphics
        cards out of smolt, then categorize them into generations, then
        set up queries that abstract out the generations, so we can just
        say ''find all cards in NVIDIA generation foo''
     3. See adamw's blog post at
     4. Next steps ...
              +ACo Searching for a volunteer

OPEN DISCUSSION: 2010-01-27 - Network Device Naming test day
     1. Just a reminder that F15 Test Days are starting up next week
     2. Coming soon ...
     3. Next steps ...
              +ACo Rename test cases to comply with SOP
              +ACo Adjust test cases to use +AHsAew-template:QA/Test+AF8-Case+AH0AfQ
              +ACo Add instructions to identify if you have applicable
                hardware to participate

OPEN DISCUSSION: Advertise QA team services to devel-announce
     1. Viking-Ice suggested sending a reminder to
        devel-announce+AEA-lists.fedoraproject.org reminding maintainers of
        the services offered by the Fedora QA team
     2. Not enough time to complete idea, continue discussion on list

     1. jlaska - check-in with lmacken on
     2. adamw - follow-up on advisory-board thread on media requirements
        for spins
     3. Open to anyone
             1. Contribute feedback to upcoming Network Device naming
                test day
             2. Participate in SMOLT data mining project
             3. Help migrate wiki test cases to new category format
             4. Add feedback to TCMS proposals (use case and comparison)

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