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#159: Network Device Naming Test Day
  Reporter:  shyamiyerdell  |       Owner:  narendra_k at dell.com
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Comment (by adamwill):

 Hey Narendra! Thanks for all the work on this.

 Here's my suggestions:

 It would be good to compress the stuff at the top a bit, maybe leave out
 some of it that's mentioned in the pages that are linked to. Too much
 explanation can be a bit overwhelming. I'd also recommend putting, very
 near the top, some very simple instructions on how to find out if you have
 the necessary hardware. As simple as possible is best. For instance, for
 the X test days, we provide a little command you can run:

 /sbin/lspci -d 10de: | grep -iq VGA && echo "Join Nouveau Fedora Test Day"
 || echo "No nVidia graphics hardware found."

 which gives you a nice easy 'yes/no' answer :) something like that would
 be great.

 The 'test results' table should usually just have each separate test case
 as a column, and each tester as a row, so you have at a glance each
 tester's result for each test case. If you need to capture more data than
 that, let us know what, and we can come up with some ideas.

 If all the testing can be done from a live image it's often a good idea to
 emphasize the live image path strongly in the 'how to test' and
 'prerequisites' section, as for most people it's a lot easier to just boot
 a live image than set up an installed rawhide system. As I mentioned in a
 previous comment, you can link to a nightly rawhide image from
 http://alt.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/nightly-composes/desktop/ for people
 to use, as long as all the stuff that needs testing is in Rawhide already.
 If not, we can do a custom test day live build.

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