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#159: Network Device Naming Test Day
  Reporter:  shyamiyerdell  |       Owner:  narendra_k at dell.com
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  Priority:  major          |   Milestone:  Fedora 15          
 Component:  Test Day       |     Version:                     
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Comment (by jlaska):

 In addition to Adam's suggestions, I think I'd also suggest ...

  1. renaming your proposed test cases to avoid name collisions.  Some of
 the testes are somewhat generic and may collide with other similarly named
 tests.  Ideally, prefixing each test with an package name (e.g.
 biosdevname) can help.  For example, you could prefix each test with
 "QA:Testcase_biosdevname_" to guarantee no collisions.  Alternatively, I
 provided some suggested names below, please let me know what you would
 || Current || Proposed name ||
 || QA:Testcase_Upgrade || QA:Testcase_NIC_rules_persist_on_upgrade ||
 || QA:Testcase_Onboard_Network_Interface_Namesnamed_as_emN || good ||
 || QA:Testcase_PCI_Add-In-Network-Interace_Names || good ||
 || QA:Testcase_SRIOV_Virtual_Function_Interface_Names || good ||
 || QA:Testcase_Interface_Configuration ||
 QA:Testcase_biosdevname_iface_config ||
 || QA:Testcase_Install_Time_Network_Interface_Names || good ||
  2. To ensure test cases continue to have a standard look'n'feel, I
 recommend using [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Template:QA/Test_Case
 Template:QA/Test_Case].  For additional details on creating/editing tests,
 see https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:SOP_test_case_creation.
  3. I recommend categorizing your tests for easy discovery at a future
 date.  Should we organize all your tests under
 ''Category:Package_biosdevname_test_cases''?  For additional details on
 organizing your tests see

 I'll be happy to rename the tests, organizing them appropriately and
 correct them to use the test case template.  Please advise on proper
 names, and I'll proceed.

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