[Test-Announce] Call for reviewing TCMS use cases and comparison!

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Wed Jan 19 21:08:24 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 19:36 +-0800, He Rui wrote:
+AD4 Greetings+ACE
+AD4 Wiki workflow/use cases are reorganized and grouped by general and main
+AD4 test events(runs) use cases. The general cases cover the basic uses of
+AD4 wiki, and the events cases covers the detailed certain steps for
+AD4 organizing the events.
+AD4 Please review it:
+AD4 https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Rhe/tcms+AF8-use+AF8-cases
+AD4 Meanwhile, Wiki and Nitrate comparison is also listed and grouped by
+AD4 above use cases. I've listed as many features as I can think out for
+AD4 comparison. Please have a look and see if any features are missed. You
+AD4 can review it by the use case you're familiar with if reviewing all of
+AD4 them is tough, but be aware that features compared in former use cases
+AD4 are not listed in later cases again to avoid overlaps:
+AD4 https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Rhe/tcms+AF8-Comparison
+AD4 Ticket+ACM-152+AFs-1+AF0 is currently set up for tracking this event. Feel free to
+AD4 add comments or discuss it here. 
+AD4 Note: the feedback deadline is Jan 21, the end of this week. After that
+AD4 date, I'll move forward to the next phase. 
+AD4 Waiting for your feedback+ACE

Woah, I like the fancy table layout used for comparing use cases between
the wiki and nitrate+ACE  Thank you for taking the time to identify our
current test workflows and offer a comparison between nitrate and the
wiki.  You've got a really comprehensive list of use cases that will
certainly help us evaluate nitrate.

While looking through the comparison wiki, I've noted a few
comments/questions below.  Hope this helps+ACE

I'm unclear what the use case 'Creating A Common Page' is, can you
elaborate?  Is that when we create a category page to group all test
results for a milestone (e.g.

Under 'creating a common page', the row titled 'Submitting format'.
Would that be better named as 'Supports data entry using a form'?

Under 'creating a common page', there is a row titled 'Subpage using'.
I don't think I understand that use case, can you explain?

Under section 'Creating A Test Case', there are some red cells for the
wiki for (these are also under 'Creating a Test Plan').  What does the
'red' mean.  Does it mean that they are not possible, or that the
solution provided is not optimal?
      +ACo Renaming a case - move to another page
      +ACo Case draft status - manually add draft category/note
      +ACo Case review status - approved in ticket or somewhere else

Also under section 'Creating A Test Case', the row titled 'Test case
re-use (write once, link anywhere)' talks about nitrate support for
cloning tests.  Does this create a new copy of the original, or does it
re-use the existing test?  If any changes are made to one, are the
propagated to the other clone?

Under 'Creating A Test Result Page Template', the row titled 'Group
cases (by media)', I imagine nitrate supports other methods of
grouping/organizing tests in a test run?  Oh wait ... this is grouping,
not sorting.  How would this be done with nitrate, would a test run be
created for each media type?  Or would we sort tests of different media
types differently?

Under 'Creating A Test Result Page', the row titled 'Redirecting
links' ... is this when a test run has expired, or been replaced by a
newer test run?  Like if we get RC2, we'll go and adjust RC1 so people
know it's no longer active?  Not sure what to call this feature, retire
a test run?

Under 'Posting Test Results', the row titled 'Opening current links' ...
I'm trying to think of a more generic name for that feature.  Maybe
'Quick access to active test runs' instead?

Under 'Generating A Test Summary', the row titled 'Result summary/report
generation'.  Haha, you list that as +ACo-RED+ACo ... very accurate+ACE :)

Under 'Administering', the row titled 'License', is this the license for
nitrate and mediawiki, or the license for the content in the cases,
plans and results?

Under 'Release Validation Test Event', the row titled 'Roadmap for each
run' ... can you explain, or link to, what is meant by this?

Thanks again+ACE
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