Fedora 14 and HDMI audio - silence.

Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R caf at omen.com
Thu Jan 20 05:53:46 UTC 2011

Not too long ago I upgraded my home theater system
with a blu-ray player.  This no longer worked with the HDMI
on my old receiver, so I upgraded that too.  I upgraded
the video card on my "stereo computer" to an Nvidia 220
with HDMI output.  With this combination I am able to
watch NASA HD in Dolby Digital.  No analog connections.
No ground loop noise!   VLC player can pass the Dolby Digital
or DTS signal to the receiver for full surround sound.

Fedora 14 (updated) with the current Nvidia driver is
reported to support HDMI audio output.  By installing
the XFCE mixer I am able to activate iec958 1 which
outputs an audio bit stream over the HDMI connector.

Unfortunately, selecting HDMI audio under Sound Preferences
does not break the silence.

The receiver does not have the option of taking video from
the HDMI output with analog audio.  No tape monitor.
No external processor loop.

This problem will become more widespread as HDMI
output becomes the norm, not the exception.

Is there a reasonably simple way to get Fedora to speak over the
display adapter's HDMI output?

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