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Thu Jan 20 14:35:27 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-01-20 at 13:36 +-0100, Jan Vongrej wrote:
+AD4 Hi,
+AD4 I would like to patricipate and as i looked currently the best way to do is to try to join Bug Zappers Team.
+AD4 I have experience like system administrator, scripting developer, network/voip admin. I am working with linux a lot with since 2001. I come across lots of linux distros.. starting Redhat 7.2, gentoo, suse and fedora as well.
+AD4 My name is Jan Vongrej, I'm 30 years old and i live in Slovakia. 
+AD4 At my signature I'm sending my contacts so fell free if anyone want to contact me.
+AD4 Bye
+AD4 Jan
+AD4 IRC: m0d0r AT 
+AD4 gtalk: jan.vongrej

Hi Jan, welcome+ACE.  In addition to BugZappers +AFs-1+AF0, there are plenty of QA
activities that might also be of interest.  For example, Fedora 15
testing will be heating up soon, so there will also be a lot of of Test
days +AFs-2+AF0 and release validation events +AFs-3+AF0 +AFs-4+AF0 to participate in.
Otherwise, we always are in need of skilled testers to help validate
test critical path updates +AFs-5+AF0.

Please take a moment to review and feel free to ask any questions.  I
look forward to your contributions :)


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