Asterisk RPMs for F14?

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at
Thu Jan 20 21:44:44 UTC 2011

>>>>> "SH" == Steven Haigh <netwiz at> writes:

SH> Looking at the repos, it seems is the available
SH> version. 

Seems to me the latest available version in the repository is 1.8.0.

SH> How would we go about updating the available asterisk version?

In a stable release?  I'd assume that the maintainer would need to
balance any benefits against the disruption such an update could cause.
I'm assuming you can provide some benefits besides "the version number
is higher".  And of course, it would be far more helpful if you would
provide that list of benefits in a ticket filed against the package
instead of on a mailing list.

 - J<

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